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Porta-Pull’s entire line of products and accessories are now available to view and download here. Simply click on the link for the product you’d like to see. A PDF will open in a new browser window. If you do not have a PDF reader, a free version is available from Adobe.


To request a hardcopy of Porta-Pull’s most recent products, simply complete and submit your request on our contact us page. Please allow four to six business days for your literature to arrive in the mail.




Cable Tugger Accessories

  Master 10K Tripod Kit
  Master 8K Man-Hole Extension Kit
  Master 6.5K Force Gauge
    Uni-Grips (Coming Soon)
  Journeyman 6K Tugger Talkers (Coming Soon)
  Journeyman 3.5K



Pulling Rope

  Apprentice 3K

Polyester Double Braided

  Apprentice 2K  
  Duo-Pro 6K  
  Duo-Pro 3K  
  Duo-Pro Upgrade Kit  
  Tugg'A Long 3K  
  Tugg'A Bout 3.5K  
  Manual 2.5K  
  Manual 1.5K  
  Econo-Pull 1.5K