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Porta~Pull Cable tuggers…Quality to start…Performance to finish…

May 13, 2014

The two most inspiring words concerning an endeavor are…”Job Completed”.  At GC Electric we design and manufacture our PORTA~PULL Cable tuggers and wire pullers so that YOU, the Contractor can say just that…with confidence…”job well completed”.  Our Quality standards for each and every cable tugger and wire puller remains the same…individually built and checked and tested and tested again.  This is why we have confidence that YOU will be CONFIDENT using a Porta~Pull cable tugger.  The Best of the Best in POWER…PERFORMANCE…PORTABILITY and affordable PRICE.  A POWER capability that gives 30% More Pulling Power than other competitive tuggers on the market…enhanced POWER to get you through the pull confidently.  A PERFORMANCE factor that is maintained by a “tough and rugged” mainframe and motor housing…designed to do one thing…PERFORM!  Designed to pull wire again and again…task after task.  And a PORTABILITY feature that offers “ease of use” for quicker and easier set-ups and tear-downs….as well as to and from the job transport.  And all of these features for a PRICE that is well below comparable market offerings…and able to save YOU hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars.  Porta~Pull has the largest selection of Cable tuggers and wire pullers in the world…from 1000 pounds of pull to 10,000 pounds of pull….one available for YOUR specific need or task.  And we invite YOU to utilize our WIRE PULL CALCULATOR…found on our website and available for YOU to use whenever you choose to.  It’s purpose is to assist YOU to estimate the POWER needed for the task at hand…as well as the suggested PORTA~PULL cable tugger to do the job.  Quality Cable tuggers and wire pullers is what we are all about…and WE WILL NOT compromise on this…because YOUR success and our future depends on it.

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when “quality” is the primary objective…focus on every detail is “paramount”

July 9, 2013

At GC Electric our “Porta~Pull” line of Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers are designed and built for “Ultimate Performance and Reliability”. Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers that are manufactured with a “rugged durability” and designed to incorporate an “ease of use” functionality. Our commitment to “details” and the “utmost quality” in our products is to assure YOU, the Contractor, CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS in every PULL that you make. We work out the details of “Dynamic POWER”…”Enhanced PERFORMANCE”…”Ultimate RELIABILITY”…and “Functional PORTABILITY” of EVERY Cable Tugger we manufacture. And every Porta~Pull Cable Tugger and Wire puller is designed by an Electrical contractor like Yourself…with EXPERIENCE that knows what works. Let a “Porta~Pull” Cable Tugger make your next PULL…You’ll be glad you did

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Home of the Porta-Pull 4000 FXP!

May 20, 2013

Our product line of tuggers provides that extra “edge” (more Power when power is needed) to complete the job at hand. MORE power (pound for pound) than our competition…in various models that offer greater portability.

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The Absolute true test of Quality……is Performance over TIME!

April 12, 2013

At GC Electric, “Quality and Ultimate Performance” of our Porta~Pull Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers IS our main objective. This total commitment of focus on design details of EVERY Porta~Pull Cable Tugger is for one purpose…to assure POWER, PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY for every pull. Cable Tuggers that have a “rugged durability” built-in and are specifically designed for an “ease of use and set-up” on the job. Designed and Manufactured right here in the USA…by an Electrical contractor like yourself. GC Electric’s Porta~Pull Cable Tuggers and Wire pulling equipment is truly an innovative source to meet every need. WE are dedicated to building QUALITY Cable Tuggers so that YOU will have CONFIDENCE in our PERFORMANCE…time and time again.

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Dependability and Reliability is the name of the Game!

March 5, 2013

The key to success in Real Estate is Location…Location…Location. For Electrical contractors the key to profitability is Equipment…Equipment…Equipment! The RIGHT Cable Tugger will make ALL the difference. At Porta~Pull OUR mission is to build ONLY the finest Cable Tuggers and Wire pulling accessories. Cable Tuggers designed for ultimate reliability and performance. A truly innovative line of products that increase contractor profitability by greatly reducing downtime and missed estimates. If you are looking for a Cable Tugger that you can depend on…YOU have come to the right place for right equipment…Porta~Pull!

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Quality and Success run “hand in hand”

February 13, 2013

At GC Electric, we understand the primary goal of the Electrical Contractor. That goal is “SUCCESS” in the completion of the task of “pulling wire”…effectively “on time”…and confidently “on budget”. Our PORTA~PULL line of Cable tuggers and wire pullers are designed to assist YOU in this task. We accomplish this by providing equipment that incorporates Dynamic POWER, PERFORMANCE, PORTABILITY…at a resonable PRICE! Engineered POWER that gives 30% “MORE PULLING POWER” than competitive models….POWER that YOU can confidently rely on from “pull start” to “pull completion”. Built-in “Tough and Rugged” PERFORMANCE capabilities…for task after task reliability. A Superior PORTABILITY factor that is an “ease to set-up”…and a joy to operate. And a PRICE that is affordable and below comparable models on the market. PORTA~PULL offers the largest selection of Cable tuggers and wire pullers in the World…we have one for YOUR specific need…from 1000 pounds of pull to 10,000 pounds of pull. YOUR success depends on “Quality” equipment. At GC Electric “QUALITY” is our end-game…and we “DO NOT” and “WILL NOT” compromise on this.

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“Innovation Born of Necessity”

January 23, 2013

Greg Tompkins. Master Electrician, took ownership of GC Electric LL C  in 2004. Greg’s frustration with out-of-date wire pulling methods led him to develop a truly innovative line of cable tuggers and accessories. A product line of wire pulling equipment that increase contractor profitability by greatly reducing downtime and missed estimates. Cable pullers and tuggers specifically designed and built to do the job…with confidence…and with the Power and Performance YOU can depend on…EVERYTIME!

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Let the “POWER” be with you!

January 2, 2013

GC Electric’s PORTA~PULL is a “new generation” of Cable Tuggers and wire pulling systems…an innovative line that meets the needs of todays wire pulling challenges. A dynamic POWER capacity that surpasses competitive models…a rugged and durable PERFORMANCE and an ease of use PORTABILITY for on-site reliability. And above all a PRICE that is budget pleasing and investment wise. PORTA~PULL Cable Tuggers and wire pullers are manufactured here in the USA…and they offer the largest selection of Cable Tuggers and wire pullers in the world. PORTA~PULL has a model to meet practically EVERY wire pulling need. A commitment to maintain the “Highest Quality” is to assure YOU confidence and success for every pull you make. PORTA~PULL Cable Tuggers and wire pulling Systems.

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MAXIMIZE your Return on Investment……with Porta-Pull Cable Tuggers and Wire Pullers!

December 5, 2012

You’ve come to the RIGHT place…for the BEST BUY…and the RIGHT TIME IS NOW! At GC Electric…we design, build and manufacture the “PORTA~PULL” line of Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers for one reason….so that YOU will have the BEST possible tool, at the BEST possible price, to do what you need to do…PULL WIRE…confidently and successfully ….time after time. Porta~Pull Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers are engineered to maximize Dynamic POWER…Enhanced PERFORMANCE…an “Ease-of-use” and “Quick set-up” PORTABILITY and above all…AFFORDABILITY! And we offer the Largest selection of Cable Tuggers and Wire pullers on this planet. Our success and confidence is directly linked to YOUR “Confidence and Success with our products”. PORTA~PULL Cable Tuggers and Wire pulling systems….EXACTLY RIGHT!

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December 5, 2012

There’s a job to be done and wire to be pulled. As a contractor you know that the right equipment makes all the difference. The Porta~Pull cable tugger and wire pulling equipment was designed by a Master Electrician that fought through the “aggravation” of using inferior methods to the “innovation” of a product that delivers what it promises. Check out the competition, research what they say they can do (if they say it at all)…and then study the facts of what Porta~Pull cable tuggers will do…there is a world of difference. Others make promises…but Porta~Pull DELIVERS!

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